Give your body the best of micronutrition

A catalog of nutrients best suited to your health needs

We have built a catalog around 11 single cartridges and 14 complex cartridges. Our single cartridges allow your healthcare professional to adapt your intake of these nutrients in an ultra-personalized way. Our complex formulas have been designed to offer the best synergy between plants and essential nutrients.

Discover our catalog of micronutrients:

Nutrients Backed by Science

Our catalog of micronutrients is built around  more than 50 active ingredients with proven efficacy. 

Our solution focuses exclusively on formulations that have proven benefits for your health and that are precisely dosed by our micronutrition experts.

Feel the benefits to  your health faster

Our liquid formulations have a pH adjusted to ensure optimal absorption and offer a much better assimilation than conventional solutions. By focusing on the most advanced forms (liposomal, chelated, etc.), we offer the first range of 100% liquid nutrients that are highly and quickly assimilated by your body.

Enjoy the best  nature has to offer

Our formulations are developed for maximum naturalness: no titanium dioxide, no preservatives such as BHT-BHA ... We make a point of not using controversial additives, even if they are authorized.

Our patented Airless technology protects your micronutrients from light, oxidation and external contamination to give you unprecedented purity and action potential with each intak

Peace of mind with  a trusted solution

We work closely with trusted partners and laboratories in France with proven expertise to produce our range of premium nutrients.

Our production units comply with the most rigorous standards, HACCP, ISO 22,000, GMP in order to guarantee optimum production practices and quality.

The manufacture of our products scrupulously respects the French and European regulations currently in force and benefits from perfect traceability.