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Select your Nutritionist from the myNUMEA Pro network and define your personalized micronutritional program.


Subscribe to the plan  most suited to your program, including delivery of the myNUMEA dispenser and nutrient cartridges.


Receive, install, and connect your myNUMEA dispenser with the nutrient cartridges tailored to your program.


 Your dispenser is automatically configured. You can now start your program!

Discover myNUMEA in 4 steps

myNUMEA in your everyday life:

  • Activate a reminder for  your morning and evening nutrient intake.

  • Monitor your progresses by tracking your health parameters.

  • Fine tune your program at any time by selecting the number of nutrient cartridges, changing your subscription plan or simply suspending it for a few weeks as needed.

  • Mindset your mind at ease: your nutrient cartridges are automatically renewed and delivered to your home before they run out.

  • Traveling for a few days? Take your nutrients with you in  the handy travel kit.

  • Stop your program at the end of your subscription and return your myNUMEA dispenser.

You have questions ?

Why is a customized nutritional supplementation program important?

Micronutrients play an essential role in our body. Their actions are diverse, ranging from cell division, to the proper functioning of the nervous system, to muscle maintenance. Micronutrients are essential for good health. But everyone has different and specific needs, all of which depend on diet, metabolism, lifestyle, medical history, and illnesses. Consequently, your physiological needs and nutritional deficiencies  will require supplementation at the right level or dose. This is so as to avoid overdosages, which can prove to be counterproductive or even harmful to the body. Only a tailored micronutrient supplementation program can provide you with the right elements at the right dose in order to ensure that you best meet your goals.

How do you guarantee the quality of your dietary supplements?

We work closely with trusted partners and laboratories in France with expertise to produce premium nutrients.

Our production units comply with the most rigorous standards, HACCP, ISO 22,000 or even GMP in order to guarantee optimum production practices and quality.

The manufacture of our products scrupulously respects the French and European regulations currently in force and benefits from perfect traceability.

Are your dietary supplements natural ?

Our formulations are developed for maximum naturalness: no titanium dioxide, no preservatives such as BHT-BHA, no polysorbate ... We make a point of not using controversial additives, even if they are authorized.

What is the benefit of  liquid micronutrients?

Nutrients in powder form (capsules, tablets or sachets) must be resolubilized before being absorbed by the intestine. However, this process is complicated, especially because of the strong pH variations in the digestive tract. With a liquid form, the problem of solubility is already solved, making our nutrients directly assimilable. As a reference, studies on magnesium salts confirm this improved absorption, which leads to much better results with regard to assimilation by the body.

. [Siener R, Jahnen A, Hesse A. Bioavailability of magnesium from different pharmaceutical formulations. Urol Res. 2011 Apr;39(2):123-7] 

.  [K D Fine, C A Santa Ana, J L Porter, and J S Fordtran. Intestinal absorption of magnesium from food and supplements. Clin Invest. 1991;88(2):396-402]

What is the shelf life of your nutrients?

Nutrients can be stored in their cartridges at room temperature for 1 year. Our patented Airless technology protects your micronutrients from light, oxidation, and external contamination.

How long should a nutrient program last?

We often hear about vitamin treatments designed/intended to last just a few weeks. However, our bodies need nutrients every day, all year round.  With few exceptions, our body cannot store them. Dietarysupplements are absorbed in a few hours, but their effects can take several weeks to occur and stabilization several months before they diffuse in the body and fully compensate for deficiences Therefore, our recommendation is to follow a supplementation  program for at least 3 months, and preferably for longer, , continuing to adjust your nutrient intake over time to maximize benefits.

How can I change my micronutritional  program?

Nutritional complexes can be changed every 1.5 months through our automated renewal schedule.  Via your user interface, you will get a notice 3 weeks before the depletion of the nutrient cartridges. You will have the opportunity to confirm renewal for the same nutritional complexes or to change them. Certain nutrients or specific  doses will have to be prescribed by your healthcare professional.

I can't find the dietary supplement or nutrient that I usually take in your catalog.

What can I do?

Please feel free to submit a request for a new ingredient or nutrient to our customer services (ou: our customer service team ). We will make every effort to incorporate  it into our development planning.


How can I find a Healthcare Professional affiliated with the myNUMEA Pro network?

By selecting the Starter Pack, you will have access to the myNUMEA Pro network. The names of health professionals, experts in micronutrition will be communicated to you so that you can make an appointment closest to your home or if you wish for a video interview.

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